CodeTwo allows you to create unified, centrally hosted email signatures without any additional IT effort.

Centrally managed email signatures with CodeTwo

Managing email signatures across different departments is a major challenge for many companies. Marketing and communications managers in particular have to constantly think about how, for example, campaigns can best be integrated into as many email signatures as possible while still being in exactly the right places.

Full control with email signatures for Microsoft 365

CodeTwo for Microsoft 365 makes it easy to create and manage email signatures across the organization. The service can be set up with minimal IT effort and is usable on all devices (including Windows, Macs, mobile devices, and tablets) and with all desktop and mobile email clients.

Customizable email signatures can be rolled out for different user groups with CodeTwo. For example, campaigns can be specifically adapted to the target group and only distributed via email signature by certain people in the company. At the same time, distinctions can be made between internal and external messages and different senders and recipients. The centralized management by CodeTwo eliminates the need to customize the signature for countless people in your organization.


Your benefits with the centrally managed email signatures with CodeTwo


Unified, centrally hosted email signatures.


Execution of advertising campaigns via email signatures becomes a piece of cake.

Cost savings

No IT effort.